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hi, everyone. im new to the forum. and have a bit of a question regarding the timing belt. recently the timing belt broke on my charade, and i need to replace it. ive already removed the head, and checked for any damage, had it milled, and replaced it. the question i have is can anyone post, or send me a picture of a correct timing mark setting? i currently live in north america, and there isnt much in the way of repair information here. its an 89, and the engine is a 1.0 litre, petrol. any help would be appreciated.



I have a basic cd manual for charade 1l petrol. It's a pc version, I don't have a pc at the moment. But I'm nearly certain when I last looked the timing was included. The manual is relatively cheap. Supplied by Data Manuals. I can check for you on sat next, if you can wait that long. sam

im in no big rush. i can wai

im in no big rush. i can wait. and i appreciate the help!

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......dont blame me...i work United Nations....

......dont blame me...i work United Nations....