Fourtrak track rod end boot


My fourtrak has just failed MOT due to a burst dust boot on the track rod end, does anyone know if a replacement boot is available or do I have to buy a new track rod end Unknw

A new track rod end for the s

A new track rod end for the sake of a little rubber dust

Take the old one to any motor factors and they will match it up for you..split the joint with seperator and fit new boot.

Cost you about 50 pence

I still have not been able to

I still have not been able to get the track rod end boot, anyone know what motor factor could help Unknw
I dont want to replace the track rod end and end up getting the tracking done when all is needed is a part costing about £1....

Track Rod End Boot

Noticed that you have been looking for a track rod end boot for a while.

These are available as a service part from Daihatsu Main Dealers. The boot and the securing band have to be bought separately and they cost a fortune for what they are. If I recall correctly the retail price of the boot is around £7.50 and the band around £1.50. Both plus VAT.

I know that Woodford Motor Co.(0208 504 0017)do a mail order service.

Remember you can get a new pattern part track rod end for between £17.50 and £25 plus VAT depending on which side you require.

Hope this helps.

rod end

for all the hassle arent you just as well to fit a new rod end as you will probibly need to replace it next year if the boot has split and dirt has got into it.

track rod end

ALAN i sure you need to buy a new end £18.00 at milners off road tel (01629)734411 at matlock anyway i hope that helps. wally