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Hi i have been trying to replace a rear wheel bearing on a daihatsu fourtrak 2.8 tdx f75 version, but am unable to get the shaft out to access the bearing, i was wondering if there is some kind of clip stopping it from coming out in the diff. or if there is a special way to get it out.

Ben there is no clip holding

Ben there is no clip holding the shaft in the will need a puller of some description...the best type I have found is one with a sliding weight/hammer on a shaft...this gets bolted to the wheel studs and with a couple of hefty wacks the shaft will come out of the axle housing....I made one using a bit of angle iron with holes in it to bolt onto the studs....some threaded bar and a piece of copper tubing which the old sledge hammer head slid on...worked really well...I could take a photo of it if you want and post in my gallery so you see what it looks like.

rear bearing


once you have removed the hub and undone the four retain nuts it is just a matter of force. Mike made a puller, Personally I just used hyde hammer to knock it off. the halfshaft.axle will all come out in one.

Remember you will need to replace ALL the oil seals as well, three in total and the retainer ring that holds the bearing in place (this needs to be ground off) careful when removing the retainer ring, do not mess up the halfshaft, or you could be needing a new one.......





And if you didnt already know

And if you didnt already know, there is a complete step by step guide, with pictures, on how to change an F75 rear wheel bearing in the Daihatsu FAQ section on

And if you want a cheap puller, just put the wheel back on, and screw the nuts up just a couple of threads, then slide the wheel back hard on the studs.


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