help i am really strugleing to get some all terrain tyres for my fourtrak anybody help i would of liked some cooper but cant get my size any body know where i can get 2 all terrain size 255/70=15 see the problem i am faceing is that the market is catering for the new breed of 4x4s that dont go off road..... wally

31x10.5 R15 is pretty much th

31x10.5 R15 is pretty much the same size and is what is on my Trac. if you are after proper AT's look at my tyres.net BFG's are about £85 each. I have the colway equivalents which seem to last well and were only about £45 each but they are re-molds and were a pig to get balanced. But i've had no problems with them so far and they have done 12K so far


thanks alex for your reply,yeh just what i would like ,i could proberly run them if they are the same diameter, i will have to check it out.wally