Feroza ELII seats in a Sportrak XiSE?


Greetings Sportrak lovers

Today´s question...

I have located a couple of scrapped Feroza 1990 ish ELIIs and prefer the velour(?) seats compared with the rather spartan tweedy cloth in my Sporty.

They also have the advantage of having a see-through head-rest (i.e. there is a hollow part in the middle)

Are the Feroza seats compatible with the Sporty seat mountings, and if so are there any tricks I should know for replacing them?

Thanking you all once again,

Brian at 65 North

cant answer specifically your

cant answer specifically your question, but fitting different seats to my rocky was easy as.
i put some xr3i bucket seats in the truck! just removed the old seats welded two strips of 4mm thk steel to the sub frame with mounting holes and bolted the new seats straight to it!
took an hour!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!