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hi all
new here so please be gentle.
the heater on my 89,2.8 rocky only blows cold air,when you move the slider from hot to cold its should move a valve of some sort on the drivers side at the back of the radio housing unit. but mine is stuck solid.can anyone tell me what the part is called, and how do i get it out please

HiThere is no 'valve' beh


There is no 'valve' behind the radio housing unit m8.

Behind the heater slider controls there is a 'flow route panel'.
There are 4 cables attached to their respective sliders on this
flow router panel .These cables are mechanical in operation and open various flaps on the heater unit when you move a slider control on the heater panel.
Does the blower work on your heater ?...if so then I suspect one of the cables has siezed...or perhaps the flap on the heater.

To get at the cables and heater necessitates removing the dash and steering wheel.

hi the blower works and

the blower works and all the cables are working fine. if you follow the hot cold cable to it end. it ends up to the above left of the clutch pedal, right at the back of the heater, radio,housing unit.
to see where it ends you have to be on your knees at the drivers side
looking under the dash to the above left of the clutch pedal.(torch neaded) the cable connects to a arm that connects to some sort of valve, that should move in and out.thanks all for your time.

I'm asuming the valve your re

I'm asuming the valve your refuring to is the on/off valve for the hot water, as you get cold air. The two most likely problems are: seazed valve, seazed cable at a guess. Can you reach the valve it self? With a long screwdriver maybe, if not with your hand? If so can you move the valve it self rather than the cable? At least then you'de know which part needs replacing.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

hi all thank you all

hi all
thank you all for your time and help.Nev K it was a seized valve. renewed the whole heater housing unit today, it now works a treat.
thanks all.

Jammed in cables.

It could be either the slider, rusted cable, or flap jammed. Have you tried squirting WD40 into the slider/cables? You might be lucky and free it if rusted/stuck. The slider ends are attached to cables.
Look down the out side of the heater box .... lubricate/WD40 the cables that are visible.
The only method of viewing the problem will be to view from under the radio but your sight-line will be obscured by the radio brackets. Perhaps use a dentist mirror/torch and try to sight the slider. There is a chance it has got tangled in a cable. Can you view anything through the slider slot Unknw Carefully manipulate any visible cables. If you bend the sliders it will make the situation worse - much worse!
If it wont free, then the task will be to access the heater unit - quite a lengthy task. However if you remove screws/bolts securing the heater unit, the heater unit can be lifted a few inches so you can get your hand up to the internal sliders and manipulate the cables/flaps. Removing both front seats helps accessibility.
Most likely the slider is caught in a cable or rusted inner cable. If your car is old and if it becomes necessary to remove the heater unit, you should have the matrix replace/recored at the same time.

To literally answer your ques

To literally answer your question, the manual names that part as the Heater Water Valve.

To remove it, its probably a case of removing the entire dashboard assembly. You tend to get that when you own a Daihatsu.

Have someone else operate the lever, while you are looking under the dash at the valve. Make sure that the outer cable isnt sliding through the grip. If this is the case, the lever will move, but the valve wont open or close.


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