Installation of a Hyper Voltage System on a Daihatsu Applause


Lately I was surfing over the internet and found a particular product namely, Hyper Voltage Systems. Since I cannot quote any website, the advert states the following;

By simply connecting the Hyper Voltage System to your car's battery, you can aid your electrical system to operate at peak efficiency. Air conditioning, stereo, lightings and many other electrical components in your vehicle are constantly creating a load on your electrical systems. These cause fluctuations in voltage which prevents the vehicle from performing at optimum efficiency. The Hyper Voltage System is designed to stabilize battery voltage for enhanced electrical system efficiency, allowing your vehicle to operate at its full potential.

Size: W=55mm, L=85mm, D=20mm, Wire length = 420mm

*Save Gas (Testing shows an average 10% fuel economy increases)
*Reduces Emissions (Testing shows an average 30% reduction of HC)
*Brighter Lights
*Longer Battery Life
*Improved Engine Performance
*Reduced Audio Noise

*Built-In safety feature to protect against damage if wires are accidentally connected incorrectly.
*High-temperature resistant construction, suitable for uses in the engine bay
*Water-Resistant body
*Compact design for easy fitment
*Ultra simple installation with all necessary hardware included.

Kindly provide any relevant information, comments or sugestions whether it is value for money.



What an absolute load of crap

What an absolute load of crap. I bet it's from the same people who offer a 25% fuel saving by strapping a magnet to the fuel line.

Ask for a technical breakdown on the thing (just for a laugh!) before parting with any cash.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

AGREED it sounds like a c


it sounds like a complete load of bo11ocks! bet its just a empty plastic box with a wire sticking out of it!

a cars voltage regulator already does what it says!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

I am currently contacting the

I am currently contacting the company. When the information would be at hand, I would keep you posted.