stiff free wheeling hubknob


hi all
the near side knob on the free wheeling hub is very stiff to turn(the one that locks the four wheel drive)
if i take out the five allen bolts will all the insides fall out or does it come out in one bit.does anyone know why it is hard to turn it.

Sounds like it could do with

Sounds like it could do with a good greasing. If as yo say you undo the 5 bolts on the end of the FWH you will be able to pull the end off. Be carful to have the FWH in 'free' position befor you start. Also be gentel. If it's a bit stiff, yanking on it will just couse the end to fall off. (I'm not very good at double ontondra, but I do like to slip one in now and again). Once you have the FWH end, conected spting and splined ring out of the main FWH asembly you can clean off any ruff/gritty bits. Then stuff as much greas into the hole as you can, befor re-asembling the whole thing. When putting the FWH back together you'll fing it will only fit together in one position.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

yeh it needs some grease, bu

yeh it needs some grease, but dont pack loads in as it will hydralic on the grease, and not engage properly!
also be carefull taking it to bits, if its stiff like that then it will probaly fall to bits when you pull it out, its not hard to work out how to put it back together and put it back in tho! as if you can do that you shouldnt have taken it off in the first plase Smile

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