Rocky or Suzuki Samurai?



I want to buy a 4x4, but I don't know wich 4x4 I have to choose.

I'd like Suzuki Samurai because is great in small trails, but I'd like Rocky because it's much more confortable...

My question wich one to choose, and why?

P.S.: Sorry my ultra bad english...

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Discovery tdi.

I have a Sportrak 1600 - 25mpg petrol. Parts are available from motor shops but main dealer spares are very expensive. Do-it-yourself maintenance is fairly easy. Workshop manual is unavailable but through this web site a repair guide on CD is available. The CD workshop manual in my pocession has been invaluable.
I also have a Discovery tdi 300 series - 35mpg diesel. Parts are freely available from motor shops and main dealers. Do-it-yourself maintenance is fairly easy. Numerous workshop manuals available - especially Haynes Workshop Manuals.
Having driven my Discovery from UK to Portugal, I would recommend the tdi.
In Portugal the diesel is cheaper than petrol.

youre choice

a daihatsu will last you longer take more punishment.
the suzuki you can get plenty mod parts if youre into all that stuff
you can also get plenty mod parts for daihatsu,s to if you hunt around.

But the Rocky 2.8TD have the

But the Rocky 2.8TD have the same off-road capabilities of the Suzuki Samurai? 1 year ago I buy one Suzuki Samurai 1.3i, and this one have great off-road capabilities, but not confort... I sell it, but now I want an off-road veichle for use only in off-road, and I don't know wich model to choose, I'd like Daihatsu Rocky, but this one have the same off-road capabilities of the small Suzuki Samurai? This is the question...

Best Regards.

One more time, sorry my ultra bad english.


ok pure and simple the suz

ok pure and simple

the suzuki is a toy compared to a rocky!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

I know the suzuki samurai loo

I know the suzuki samurai looks like a toy, but have extreme off-road capabilities in the relation price/performance.

I will try some Rocky's in off-road drive and then I will decide.

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Comparing apples with apples?

I don't own either but shouldn't the Samurai be compared with the Sportrak not the Rocky? Isn't that like asking how the Sportrak shapes up against the Discovery? Not the same market. Or use.

comparing apples with apples

hi my rocky f70 will go places a disco or suzi wont go reason a disco breaksdown a suzi falls over modification parts are there but hard to find ie diff locks from fareast springs from netherlands shockers from usa parts from uk.the rocky is a tough old beast

Having had many diffrent

Having had many diffrent 4x4s over the years, I'd say this.
For a pure toy, you can't beat a Suzuki (413 - especialy with the Vitara 1600 engine put in).
If you want a workhorse, get a Rocky (Fourtrak).
For a good compramise between the two, get a Forenza (Sportrak).
For comfort, get a Discovery or a Jeep Greand Cheroki.
For reliability get a Daihatsu of any variety.
Depends what you want.
Personaly I found the best compramise between all of the above to be the F80 2 litr petrol Rocky. It pulls almost as well as the Diesel Rocky. It green lanes almost as well as a Suzuki. It triales better than most other cars (except it needs a wider gap than a Suzuki). It's not as comfortable as a Disco, but not to bad as the lighter Petrol springs have more give. And most of all it'll do all of the above, with Mr. Leadfoot driving it, and come back for more again, and again, and again, long after the others hava had to go visit the nice man with th e welder and the big hammer.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

What to have

I wont be biased because this is a daihatsu site, ive used suzuki sj's before they are amazing at trialling and general off roading, they go up slippy slopes better then anything else ever made due to there weight, but they also fall over very easy i have lost count of the amount ive seen go rolling and with their little engines they are rubbish at pulling stuff, so iits like this - what do you want your vehicle to do? for reliabilty, strength, pulling capability, sturdiness and 'almost' go anywhere ability then you want a rocky, but if you just want packets of cheap fun and something to bomb about in that will get you just about everywhere with endless amounts of modded bits of the shelf cos there is loads of companies making things for these and not the rocky then get a zuki Biggrin

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