New owner help...!


Can anyone help me.....ive just bought a 92 fourtrack (my first) and have found two problems with it. The first is that it sometimes wont start-i can hear the starter motor turnin but it aint gettin the engine going. Second is that it wont always go into reverse first time, and will only go in after dropping the clutch and going into other gears first...any ideas to help.? I bought the car from a dealer-what are my rights in getting these problems sorted?? Thanks...

Depends on how long ago you b

Depends on how long ago you bought it, is a warranty involved, etc. if under 14 days or so you could have a case for a straight cashback -contact your local trading standards office for info on this and backup.

The 'box sounds knackered to me. The starting could be anything that just a good service would sort out. But FWIW I'd be back down wanting me money back.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

The dealer

I would be straigh back to the dealer but I do not know know the in's and outs of how you brought it. Was it sold a seen, have these occured since you have had it?

The starter, you say its turning but the engine is not. Have you tried giving it a good knock (the starter). I have had a similar problem that turned out to be throw gear in the starter not engaging(about £50 to get her fixed/re-con)there are a number of other things but I will not scare you.

Gear box, mmmmmmmm, sound like shes been well used. Is there any history? you say its a 92 (I assume that is a J reg), was it farm vechile or towney?

Lets us know what the dealers, if your stuck with her mial back and I'm sure we can get her sorted pretty quick.

Hayden (91 fourtrak that going like a dream)

Fourtrack gearbox

Its a 92K reg and id say towny owned.The body is mint cond and chassis clean as a whistle. Its 76000 miles (genuine as i have all the MOTs its ever had, but ive got no service history). All the gears are fine and slip in fine with no clonking or noise whatsoever apart from reverse, which on occasion refuses to go into gear. the engine runs like a dream.Will take back to the dealers later to hopefully get sorted. Thanks for the reply-ill let you know how I get on. I paid £3500 for it as it seemed in A1 nick.