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I noticed an earlier discussion re Toyota Blizzard and a gentleman, David seemed to have a lot of info on said Blizzard.

At leats I hope someone can help.

I live in Aus and recently purchased a Toyota Blizzard. I researched this vehicle ensuring it was Imported correctly and that we could source parts and yes there is listings for the vehicles parts.

Everything was okay until I went to reregister the vehicle which I did but was a little surprised when they told me it was an '83.

I have bought a Toyota Blizzard SX5. 2L-T.

I have since found it impossible to insure and cannot find anyone to help me correctly date the vehicle.

The Japenese Compliance Plate has it as a
Is there anyone out there who can give me a year.
Toyota Australia told me it is not one of theirs but they did import this model from '87. There is no listing anywhere in Aus for one of these models.

Toyots told me it is a grey import. Rego told me it is a Toytoa Import.

I am up a creek without a paddle.

Thanks Ray & Terry

P.S. We reckon despite all this it is a ripper car. We have owned and still own Toyota 4WD's.

You are on the right track. I

You are on the right track. In the early 80's, Daihatsu Scats were also sold as Toyota Blizzards.
However, just checking Google for Toyota Blizzard, gets some pics of a vehicle virtually identical to a SWB Daihatsu Rocky F70. Even down to the same PTO winch and bar that graces the front of my F75.
This site lists the frame designation as LD21G, the same as yours. It also states it is a 89 model. More info here,
I would be heading back to the importer, and getting some answers from him. I thought they had to have all that sort of thing sorted out when importing vehicles into Oz.


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