F75 vibrations


Help, I've recently started to get a VERY strong vibration through the steering wheel on my truck, funny thing though it only occurs in third gear.


It vibrates a lot less if I accellerate!!!!!!


i'm sure theres loads of things that will cause the vibration but the lads on here will have a better idea than me the only thing i can add is check your 4wheel drive is totaly disengaged (happened to me) and if i remember when i had bother i was told to check the spleins among other things but that should be in previous letters under vibration.
hope you find the prob theres nothing worse than the old teeth chattering.


Hi, I've sussed it! With a little help from my friend. It was the propshaft U.J. Twelve quid from Milners, thanks anyway.


Oh no, it's doing it in 2nd and 4th now.