sportrak running problems when cold


Can anyone help ive got a j reg sportrak 1600 16 valve carb model when cold it lacks power and struggles to accelerate and is also hesitant occasionally after approx half a mile it is ok ive tried servicing it and changed the plug leads and it still is no better HELP run out of ideas

Also the interior lights and clock dont work, fuse is ok unable to find any wiring problems

does it have a auto choke? i

does it have a auto choke? i dotn know much about this car, but in general if its got a carb, then it could be the choke not opening, it could be that the carb needs cleaning, the jets might be a little blocked. this stuff would not come under a general service. oiling the locks, and checking the tyre pressure wotn help the cold start lol!
it could also be the coil on the way out. even the timing a little out could give these symptoms.

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