Charade Tuning, and getting it right...


Ok so to be really honest, i feel pretty dumb asking this one, but hopefully you guys know the answer right up.

Just done an engine swap on a G200 94 charade (EFI), and now sports a running version of the 1.3l HC 4 cylinder. (the original was seized by the previous owner).

everything is in and it starts fine. I have shorted the ECU jumper on the right hand sid of the engine bay (Australian model) and set the base timing as the specs say. So how do i back the idle back to 800-/+ 50 RPM?? I can't see an idle stop adjuster, there's one on the throttle plate, but it appears to be controlled by a vacuum device (for fast idle?) and has no affect on the base idel. There's a screw on top of the intake body, that when adjusted certainly affects the idle rpm, however i thought this was a mixture screw, not idle adjust? It's such a simple process of tuning, but i need to know the thing to adjust to get the base idle down to factory specs? (as it sits at 1200 - 1300 currently).

Thanks guys, pretty impressed with the little car, was very cheap too! (although i did have to do an engine swap).