knocking noise and smoke


high i have begun to notice a thudding noise wheni drive my diahatsu fourtrak 2.8 tdx. but it only really happens when i go round a corner a bit quick or over really bad bumps. i have jumpped up and down on the towball to see if it does it then but it doesnt. so was wondering if you had any thoughs as to what might be causing it. Also i have noticed excessive white smoke when i start her up first thing and the drive is a bit juddery untill she has got warm, there also seems to be loads of smoke when i accelerate havily, is this normal?
thanks in advance

dont know about the knocking,

dont know about the knocking, could be a number of things, wheel bearing? gear box?

the smoke however is not a good sigh, lots of white smoke means head gasket gone! what does the smoke smell like?

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dont think it is the head gas

dont think it is the head gasget i have checked oil and water and they are fine. it still runs great once it has warmed up. i have recently replaced a wheel bearing but i think everything went back ok. could it have anything to do with the glow plugs?
what would it be in the gear box knocking?

glow plugs

Hi maverick,
the symptoms you're decribing do point to the glow plugs as being the problem and seeing as the glow plugs are so easy to get at i'd take them out and check them first. Once you have the glow plugs out you can easily check whether they are working. The standard 'back street garage' method for checking is to attach your jump leads to your battery, then grip the body of the glow plug (around the threaded section that screws into the engine) in the earth (negative/black) lead and press the live (positive/red)lead to the threaded end of the glow plug.( Be carefull not to touch the leads together because although the sparks may look pretty the exploding battery certainly won't!) Within about 3 seconds, if the glow plug is working the tip of the plug will glow red hot (so please don't hold the glow plug with your fingers).

If you have access to an ammeter capable of withstanding 40 amps then you can check the glow plug without removing it, You'll need to take off the link bar from all of the plugs then hold one lead of the ammeter to the battery positive (red) and the other lead to the top of each plug in turn. the ammeter should read about 20amps

Please, if your not sure about trying either method then take the plugs to your local garage and ask them to check them for you

Maverick A diesel will emit

A diesel will emit white/blue smoke on cold start up. This is normal. The colder it is, the more prominant the smoke. It usually clears after a minute or so. A degree of smoke is also normal under ordinary operating conditions. It is quite surprising to see the smoke, when being followed by a vehicle at night, with the smoke in the following headlights. I would guess your problem is glowplug related.


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im sorry! but to dismiss the

im sorry! but to dismiss the head gasket or anything else apart from glow plugs is a bit silly, i suggest he does a compression check when cold and when hot!!!!!!!! if very low when cold, his valves are not seated/ and or pitted and or have a heavy carbon deposit, this will soften when hot and seal better. it could also be a minior break in the gasket, you dont have to have shitty oil or water for the gasket to blow just a little, but i would probably look at the valves first!

white smoke when you start can certainly be glow plugs, and it probably is, but he also says there is lots of white smoke when cold when accelerating, and ITS JUDDERY (hello alarm bells, its not just the glow plugs) if it was the glow plugs as soon as the engine was running the smoke would go!!!!! all the smoke is, is excess unburnt fuel burning on startup. if one or more valves are not seating = low compression = juddery engine = lots of smoke from that cylinder!!! when hot, valve seats! smoke goes away so does judder!

check the plugs they very well might be buggered, but also check compression cold and then hot, and all cylinders!
good luck!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

i will check the glow plugs a

i will check the glow plugs and see if they are buggered, i have found out what the knocking noise is, it is the bushes on the rear anti roll bars, has anyone replaced these before, is it a hard thing to do?