Spares in UK for Avanzato


Can anyone suggest a Daihatsu dealer who can obtain spares parts for Avanzato TRXX ??

From what I've read, most sho

From what I've read, most should be OK if you can provide the exact part numbers to them. What kind of stuff is it you're needing?

Avanzato parts

Hi thanks for your reply on Daihatsu club site about spares.
Especially looking for drivers side (o/s) Headlamp & rear lamp.
I do not have any access to part numbers so cannot to quote them to dealer. Nearest dealer to me does not want to know !!!
My car is a Model L201,(TRXX) about year 1992.

Thanks Andy.

Mmm L200 you might have a bit

Mmm L200 you might have a bit more trouble then..... as far as I know the L200 headlights and tail lights are identical across all L200 models (though I think some get different more yellowy bulbs), you might want to try a breakers. I see a 5 door L200 non sports Mira quite often so there must be a few about.