Noisy sporty



I've got a 1995 EXi sporty. The trouble I've got is a noisy belt. I can't see which one. How do I adjust the alternator belt. I've tried the adjusting screw to the left of the alternator, that appears to push a lever down, but doesn't seem to make a lot of difference as the squeak always returns. Do I need to get at the bolt on the alternator adjusting arm?



There are two belts down there! Alternator and steering pump.
Your need to loosen a bolt holding a curved adjusting bar and the locking bolt on the alternator.Press the alternator downwards and tighten the bolts. Its an easy task ... just look for the bolts. Small hands needed. If it wont shift look for, and loosen, a third bolt holding the hidden end of the alternator.
The lever is for the steering pump belt tension. Steering belt needs to be tight but not stretched, or it squeals.