Noisy engine when cold. Soon goes quiet!


Hi our 1993 Applause goes very well, we bought it s/h in May 2005 with 165,400 kM on the speedo.

First start each day, the engine has mechanically noisy idle. Minutes later and for the rest of the trip it is inaudible with the windows closed. Performance, fuel consumption, all fine. It has started at first attempt so we are Pleased As Punch.

I can think of three possible reasons for the racket:

1. Ig timing too advanced and recovers in minutes (EFI model)
2. Piston slap (intend to replace engine oil with highest available viscosity, multigrade of course)
3. Engine mounts hardened with age but loosen up after a couple of miles, and then become nicely elastic after exercise. Becoming Grumpy Old Men next morning.

Any of you had these symptoms and found solutions??


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hydraulic tappets ?

I dunno if this vehicle has hydraulic tappets (that require oil in a closed cylinder to take up the clearance).

If it has, the clattering at startup is due to the oil having drained out of the valvegear overnight. A few minutes of running soon gets them sorted out and back to the correct clearance.

OK, they're a bit worn, but nothing to worry about.

.... just a quick ten-pennorth, if that helps

Hydraulic tappets?

Good point rfman. Who knows if this model has hydraulic tappets?

I'd like to know! ALEC

Niosy donk

My feroza eki does the same thing. It lives in Australia. The problem is complicated but here goes.
An efi fuel system constantly regulates fuel mix based on lots of things.
1. Octane rating of fuel currently in use
2. Ignition timing(static and auto advanced)
3. temperature of exhaust and outside air.

If your timing is not set exactly relative to octane rating(this is almost never what the manual says as that is based on 1 octane rating only) then the usual effect is that of being too advanced which causes pinking. This puts undue strain on piston skirts and wears them prematurely.

One thing that a lot of idiots do here is when they have a radiator or other overheating prob is to remove the thermostat. This makes the donk run too cold, upsets the burn and again has the effect of running to lean. Lean fuel ignites too early relative to timing. This is never audible but over may thousands of k's the end result is preature piston skirt wear.

If an engine idles quietly then knocks when you blip the throttle but this symptom disappears when donk has warmed up to specified temp then this can only be piston slap. Your compression and power can probobly be good to excelent.

So bassially if you have this prob then cheapest but best way out is a rebore,new pistons & rings plus new B/E bearings.

After repairs do some reading on the subject and time the bugger properly.

Italian Stallion

Noisy Doink

Thanks Johnno, it ain't pre- igntion, I know what that is! every car I have owned since 1952 I have personally adjusted the distributor advance to be almost, but not quite, too far advanced.

Thermostat is working great, nil water loss since I replaced the pressure cap, and engine temp quickly reaches half scale on the thermometer and stays there until after the engine has stopped.

I'll not have the engine overhauled, at age 12 years it will probably outlive me aged 76! Or as the Yanks say, "if it ain't broke then don't fix it!"