broken timing belt


think i might have a broken timing belt,What damage would this cause,
Garage has only just changed it may 2005



What makes you think she is broke - besides the big bank and nothing working any more!

I would expect to see broken/bent valves....the head is comming off dude..

I would be taking a visit to the garage that did the job }:-) ..I find it hard to believe you have done too many miles since May 05.





no bigggg ouch

was driving home from work and all of a sudden the F78 stopped for no reason i could see,
It wont start but just turn over fast but wont fire,Sounds like a timing belt to me


If your timing belt has snapped it will now sound like a bag of nails! Sounds more like an electrical or fuel problem. Consequently a diagnosis could be too long to list. Get someone with knowledge to give it an inspection.
Start by checking for a spark at the plugs. Next go to the fuel supply.