Fourtrak Steel Wheels REVERSED?!?!?!?


Hello everyone

Forgive me for what i am about to say but i thought i would just see what you had to say about my latest stupid idea :o

I've been looking at various methods of widening the track on my 91 trak, Although its a fab vehicle, the narrowness of the beast is getting me down, im very jelous of all you independant drivers with the aggressive wide stance. the wheels on mine are set back about 4 inch from the arch and has the aggressiveness of a babys pram! Blush

Im also into vw's and along time ago the trend was to actually flip the steel wheels round and put them on the wrong way!!! I know it sound bonkers but it made the wheels more prominent and made the track wider. yes you geussed it............

I want to do this on my fourtrak! Im guessing that this would have some sort of negative effect on the wheel bearings? and i can almost hear you all screaming at me already.

So what do you think, should i get out the wrench and get swapping or should i find out where the nearest loony bin is and book myself in? Help

I would not recommend reversi

I would not recommend reversing your wheels m8...if you want to widen your 'stance' how about fitting some 32mm spacers...have seen sets on ebay recently for 4traks..think they were about £56 approx.

Safe, legal and you would have a lovely aggressive stance Wink

Sounds good to me

Cheers mike i will do just that, then fanny fourtrak will look "ard as nails" Smile

probably was the most stupid idea i've ever had, amazing what you think about when your bored at work Biggrin

No problem Boon m8 The oth

No problem Boon m8

The other advantage of fitting wheel spacers is safety in having a wider track..the narrow track of older models does them no favours in stability...twice I have almost tipped over in an 89 turned out to be unsuitable tyres..but my god in gave me a bleedin fright I can tell spacers...u wont regret it.

Hello Sportrak aficionados

Hello Sportrak aficionados

My question is:

What´s the gen on those 32mm wheel spacers on ebay? The ones that broaden the track. Lateral stability is a big issue for me here, as the early winter snows have arrived already.

As the Sportrak is a SWB it has a reputation here (however ill-deserved) for pirouetting on icy surfaces. Last year I drove on 215s, all year tyres with metal stud inserts. This year I´m going to try the "Loftbolladekk"? Which translates as "Airbubbletyres". They seem to stick to the ice when braking suddenly on my old Subaru,though it does have the advantage of ABS...So please do let me know your experiences of using the bolt-on wheel spacers.How do they affect performance, handling, fuel economy, ride etc?
ATB from under the aurora borealis...

Not so stupid

It's a pretty standard method of altering the track width on farm tractors. In fact the rims and wheel centres (at the rear) are normally separate and each can be reversed individually, giving a choice of 4 different track widths from the same pair of wheels. But then I guess tractors have have pretty massive wheel bearings in comparison, as well as having 8-stud wheels

You could always bye a set of

You could always bye a set off 8" rims, fitted with 31/10.50-15's off of one of the 4x4 specialists listed in the 4x4 mags. With a bit of shopping around you can offten get quite a good deal for a full set.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.


go for it mate i cant see any probs with it i done it on my 95 trak no probs and they do it on zuks and any thing a zuk can do a trak can do better

the bug is alive... it grows within you, slowly takes over your mind, you become a 4x4 addict, live and breathe the mud

tried it......

just thought i would let you all know that i have fitted some spacers and im well chuffed with the results, looks better and drives better.

I also did try and spin the wheels round but on the front because the valve is on the wrong side it fouls the brake caliper! however on the back i tried it and it seams to work ok as the valve clears the brake drum. think im just gonna stick with just the spacers!

Thanks again