What do you do when you seen another Daihatsu Owner

We both stare at eachother as we drive past
39% (9 votes)
Just have a quick glance
30% (7 votes)
Blow my horn, flash my lights, and wave like a prat
4% (1 vote)
Collapse with shock
13% (3 votes)
13% (3 votes)
Total votes: 23



It was when another driver with the same car waved as I gave way at a roundabout that I searched the web for a club of Daihatsu Owners where I found this site.

On another note, no one has voted for collapse with shock, is that because they would be in an accident and not be able to vote!?!


I see plenty of other drivers, trouble is not when I'm in the Sporty,(the missus has sort of liberated it from me!)Now I only see it to clean it and put fuel in.


Why not let her clean it and put the fuel in - you'll soon get it back.