fuel consumption hijet 1994 carb 3cyl


hello people a few questions regarding my ( new to me ) 2nd hand 1994 `L` hijet carb 3 cylinder:
what is the fuel consumption town/surburban/constant 56mph.

ignition timing for unleaded fuel for optimum performance and fuel economy.

there is a sensor on the back of the cylinder head below the distrubutor drive with a single spade connector, what is this used for, it seems to be some emmisions control thingy coz the radiator fan and the temp guage works when i take the plug out.

tyre pressures laden / unladen

best method to take air out of the inside heater, the air for heating is cold on the hot setting even tho the radiator fan works well and anti freeze is -10 strong, winter is comming !!

i have found where the jack and jack handle is located but i dont know where the bar/lever is to open the wheel bolts. i think 19 or 21 mm

thank you fellow owners.

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