Where's all the oil going?


I have a bit of a problem and would appreciate any advice which anyone might have on the subject: I have a '97 sportrak and it runs well most of the time apart from one little problem (well, maybe not so little!), it burns more oil than petrol, having to fill the engine every 200 miles is no fun believe me. There is no sign of blue smoke and she still pulls well although I am only achieving about 20mpg, does this sound familiar to anyone? The mechanics can't find anything obvious so any insight would be useful.

I had abysmal oil consumption

I had abysmal oil consumption until I traced it to a leaking rocker cover...........

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Oil loss

If you take out and check the colour of the spark plugs and they are a sooty black colour, then the rings have gone, or the bore is worn.
The oil would then pass up the side of the pistons and combust in the cylinder. The petrol consumption should be around 32 mpg which is what I am getting with a K&N filter fitted.
Try this test first.
Another problem could be the valve guides, or valve guide seals located in the head.