my headlights are crap


hi all, i have a Four track H reg, with a bull bar which i guess doesnt help the headlamp beam at all, the headlights are crap, as far as i can see i have halogen bulbs, 60/55w which i believe is as bright as i can get, is there anything i can do to make to lights any brighter ?.

I have some driving lights i can put on the Bull Bar, but this wont help the Dipped Beam at all.

Or perhaps removing the bull bar will make enough difference, does anyone know , please.


Poor headlamp peformance

Hi Tim, I too thought my headlamps were pretty poor all through last winter. I'd tryed adjusting them up and down, Xenon (high output) Bulbs & was looking out for some Land Rover headlamps to try ( mine is an early round headlamp model), but nothing improved them. Then i had to remove my bullbar to replace my front end( wings, doors & front panel etc) and left it off while I had it stripped and powder coated. I didn't really think much about it, but as the nights started drawing in again and i started using the headlights i noticed they were better than I'd remembered. Then the bullbar came back looking good as new , I bolted it back on took I it for a spin around the block ( just 'cause I enjoy driving the old thing) and almost had to pull over and check the lights were working. They really are crap with the bullbar fitted. I would remove the bullbar but the wife likes to use it for aiming the car through traffic so i've left it on. When I can find the time ( more like when the wife lets me off decorating duty ) I'm going to trim the light guard bars where they interfere with the beam and weld a headlamp size ring in place of the cut out bars,then take it off again and have it powder coated once more

cheers buddy, well done in di

cheers buddy, well done in divulging your discovery, the bull bar looks easy enough to get off, LOL, i shall give it a try, subject to permission from the owner/driver, which sadly isnt me !, it looks/feels as if it is a lot of fun to drive, in the daylight anyway !!!!


I've got a F70 with a

I've got a F70 with a bullbar, and the lights are very bad. I bought 60/55 fancy blue bulbs, but this hasn't helped so I have ordered some 100/90w ones this week. I am hoping this will solve the problem. I have 2 60w spots that come on with main beam, so dipped is the only problem. I have the MOT due in March, I hope it gets through with the 100/90's in :S

Glow in the dark


The 80/100 watts are technicaly illegal, many sellers imform you of this (legal bit).

The main problem with the original lights is the the bulb shroud, replace headlights with replacments from Milners (no shroud). Fitting 80/100 watt bulbs in the oringinal headlight did not give that much improvement, bulb shroud also causes lots of heat to be be retained within the headlight, this causes a breakdown of the reflective surface, leading to a loss of light output.

Replacing the headlights with the new ones from Milners, and the 80/100wat bulbs night vision was a dramatic improvment.Though I was suprised how much night vision was improved using just the new generation of H4 bulbs.

Snag--- You will need to rewire the headlights with another relay as the wiring harness will eventualy fail, due to the overload when on Hi Beam constantly, using 80/100 watt bulbs.

MOT testers will not be bothered with what bulb you have ,just the alignment, if a problem just swap the bulbs.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


I also have a problem with the output of the headlights,(candles)
(rectangular type) . I find trafic behind throws a shadow, when I am using dipped headlights, rather annoying to say the least,I belive the problem is that more recent 'cars'have computer designed reflectors in the headlamp assembly, thus increasing the light output. I have removed the bullbar,and replaced the original bulbs with ,1st attempt with Halfords Xenon 60/55 watt bulbs, some improvement, at the present I am using Halfords 100/80 watt bulbs, ( illegal for road use , though has past MOT using them), but not sure how the reflectors are going to stand up to the heat generated by them.(or the wiring) I find using dipped beam is my main problem,as i have said, the shadow that my truck throws when some one is behind ,is a problem. At the present I also have a pair of rectangular spots which I have wired into the dipped beam circuit,with a relay and overide switch, so with the winter months upon us I hope I have improved my forward vision,only time will tell. Any Fourtrak boys out there have any suggestions, as to improving the illumination,

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

crap headlights

thanks buddies for your views on this aqpparently common problem, so are 100w legal or not ?. I have fitted a couple of "driving" lamps today, although they do work when connected direct to the battery, i havent got them working from the switch and i guess i should have a relay as well, i guess this must help the life of the switch etc. i have to get up and under the dash to track the wires down i may have blown a fuse !.

Perhaps i should try and hang a couple more lamps on the bull bar to double up on the dipped beam illumination as well !.

And then another problem is not having a reversing light !!!!!, theres always summat to sort out, dammed thing, i was actually allowed to drive it tonight, what a beast, it's my daughters motor, she gets a lot of respect from me for handling it as easily as she does and now she's got a horse trailor as well.


You can get higher rated bulb

You can get higher rated bulbs from Halfords or such. Up to about 130 main / 90 dipped. Thougfh 100 per lamp is the legale maximum. Also zeeon gas bulbs are brighter. If you have round sealed beem lamps, you can bye landrover haligen conversion reflectors from someone like Milner conversions for little money. These will fit.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.