my 98 charade gti


can someone please help me?at the mo i have a ram air filter, an ekco tec valve and a 4inch custom exchaust.Is their anything else i can to to mod?due to restrictions in engine bay with having air con am not able to get forced air into filter.hope to hear soon.
cheers Adam....

Is it the earlier 1.3 or late

Is it the earlier 1.3 or later 1.6 whihc were eventually badged GSXI. I can help a bit on the I.6....

OK here's a little secret for you. Get an ECU from a 1.3 Charade of the same year and fit it !! Trust me it will feel a fair bit quicker. I found out about this mod from the DDNL ( Daihastus Drivers Netherlands) when I was over there and one of the guys from the GTtiOC has done this in his GXSi and says its a fiar bit quicker now !

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

hi there


I own a charade 1.3i ( g100 ) and i am considering buying a 1.6GTi engine ( g201 ).

Are there any trouble making the G201 engine work with the G100 motor-computer? as far as i know the only thing controlled by the motor-computer is the rpm limitation.

G102 '93 Limited Edition w. Applause 1.6 engine and gearbox.

No not really i swapped my 1.

No not really i swapped my 1.3 in my g200 for a 1.6 it was a straight swap i only had to change one sensor on the engine to get it to work with the standard 1.3 ecu and wiring. To get the 1.6 to work with the 1.3 ecu in the g100 all u need to do is to swap the inlet manifold over and everything else will plug straight in.