Trying to find a roof rack & cycle carrier for a Fourtrak


Can anyone suggest where I can get a roof rack for a Fourtrak lwb E(88)? It only needs to handle relatively light loads; eg ladder, lengths of pipe, wood etc.
Also how good are the cycle carriers that mount to the spare wheel? Are they ok for A roads/motorway? Will I need a light board, or are they sufficiently high enough?

cycle / roof racks

you can get a cheap std roof rack on the front cab using the rails - if the stuff is long eg planks of wood just put a supplementary rail at the very back by screwing through the roof

dont put a cycle rack on the spare wheel - you`ll overload the door hinges which are undersized already (keep well oiled) - best get a towball mounted rack like a witter - you dont need a lighting board as it`ll be higher than the existing lights / no. plate

Cycle Carrier

I use a spare wheel mounted (Halfords) carrier on the Sportrak and it's ok, more secure than you first think, and doesn't move even on long m-way journeys (although I always check/tighten the straps any time I stop). I only carry one mountain bike however, I don't think I'd want to try 2 or 3 out of respect for the aforementioned door hinges. The other thing that has occured to me before is WTF do you do if you get a puncture and have to put on the spare Unknw I'm not convinced the carrier would grip an un-inflated tyre.



Got a tow ball carrier in the

Got a tow ball carrier in the end, and then a few days later went over the handle bars of my bike going down a track, resulting in a fractured right elbow. So I won't be cycling or driving for about 6 weeks...

Still need to sort out a roof rack in the mean time.