Fourtrak Cranshaft nut!!!


Hi There - trying to do the cambelt on my 1991 2.8TD Rocky, Have it all apart including rad out but seems like I need to undo the crankshaft nut to remove the plastic cover. Is this correct? If so whats the secret! Tried a big bar and lots of swearing but it only seems to turn the engine over (even in gear with handbrake on!)

Spray on some WD-40 or other

Spray on some WD-40 or other slippery stuff...Put your breaker bar onto the nut.. rest it sumwhere hard.. and crank the engine for a sec, the nut will undo Biggrin
Good Luck


Have you tried what is stated in the manual?

Removed No1 glow plug, set the piston to top dead, stick her in fifth gear, then try to crack her off.

(When setting the piston to TDC I usally put a long straw down the cylinder)




Fourtrak Cranshaft nut!!

Use a long bar that reaches to ground/floor, so that the other end of the bar is securely at the crankshaft bolt. Then trans in neutral, start engine very shortly, the starter motor will open the bolt. I used it couple of weeks ago. Good luck.