sportrak shocks


I'm going to relpace the old shocks(3-stage)of my sporty with a new aftermarket set.I was thinking about Old Man Emu,will it fit without any modifications?Any other suggestions?I am looking for both on-road off-road set.


I recently posted the catalogue number of shocks that replace the 3stage. Use the search facility.

Shock Absorbers

Managed to find my scribbled note in the telephone book!
Sporty shocks are not listed as Daihatsu Sportrak but as 'Feroza' in catalogues. Supplier - KYB part number 343238 [excel]£44 each or KYB 553156[adjust]£49. Also manufactured by LIP - part number QAG179503 £25.
Also from Birmingham Motor Parts [tel. 0121 7666008] part number 170260J £33 [gas]. Also from Milners [tel. 01629 734411] part number 002025 £30.
I believe the part numbers are correct but check before you buy!