Cross Threaded sump bolt


Hi gang - It would appear that some DIY weekend warrior has cross threaded my Foutrak sump bolt :0( I managed to remove but the bolt threads are knacke'd Not sure on the sump threads but would need a retap at the least!! If anyone knows what size tap I need an where from let me know?

I then took all the sump bolts out in an attemp to remove sump to weld a nut on. Removed all the bolts but the sump just will not shift - anyone have any ideas?

I could drain the oil and weld in situ but is this / would this be safe without causing a major fire? I guess there is a chance that the oil residue may catch?

Help appreciated?



Weld whilst sump is full of oil will give you a burned out wreck and possibly a major explosion. Not advisable.
Try a block of timber and a hammer to knock the sump free ... dont dent it. Have you tried a lever between the sump and engine, work around the sump .. again dont damage anything.
Best option if you cant remove the sump is to tap a new threat but the sump will then need thorough flushing to remove the swarf.