Oil Light Four Trak


I have had a 1994 turbo diesel four trak independant from new it has only done 18,000 miles but when starting from cold the oil light takes 4-5 seconds to go out, it has only done this since i had cam belts changed, it is the model with small filter, i have asked Daihatsu garages they don't seem to think its a problem but i am worried because it used to go out immediately has anyone else had this problem!

oil light

Hi, just a thought, is there plenty of oil in engine, as when i changed mine it took a bit for the light to go off as it didnt circulate due to the low level in sump.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8, Intercooler, 4"Lift, on 31,10.5,15 Grizzly Claws.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s

oil light

yes there is plenty of oil in the engine.

scary light

had the same problem with mine was a bit worried
as had just changed the oil it went on for about a month
so changed the oil and filter again and that fixed it.
could be worth checking the oil pressure switch.

oil light

thanks both for your suggestions will try changing the filter again

Oil Light Four Trak

\thanks for suggestion I thought it might be non return valve playing up but when i asked Daihatsu they said there wasn't one. I am waiting for a reply from the technical dept at Daihatsu, will let you know what they come up with.

Oil light

Hi, i had the same problem on an old Non-Turbo Fourtrak, replacing the oil light switch solved it. As for the non-return valve, i don't know about Fourtraks but oil filters for some vehicles have a rubber disc ( which acts as a valve) just inside the base plate allowing oil to flow in but not back out, maybe your filter ( if it has a valve) is faulty.