breaking fluid hijet HELP!!


this may seem like a stupid question but please help me out.
The breakfluid level of our hijet is low. But i can't seem to find were to fill it. I think i looked everywere....

It's on the right hand side o

It's on the right hand side of the dashboard- there's a flap immediately to the right of the instrument cluster that flips up- the resevoir is underneath....

Brake fluid

Hi, if the brake fluid is low then you should check you brake pads & make sure you haven't got any leaking fluid from the front brake calipers, rear brake drums or pipes. The fluid has to have gone somewhere. If you just top the fluid up and then find you pads are worn, then when the pads are changed there will be too much fluid in the system and it will be pushed back out of the reservoir when the caliper pistons are pushed back.