Rear seat belt


My 1999 (V reg) Fourtrak has just failed MOT on the rear offside seatbelt being slightly cut. Where can I get a reasonably priced replacement quickly Unknw

If I'm not misstaken, you can

If I'm not misstaken, you can just take it out. Legaly you have to have one fitted due to the age of the car. However the MOT offten does not match very well with the law of the road. If it isn't there, they can't inspect it, and can't fail it. Try asking for an oppinion at a diffrent garauge or two (and wether they would fail it like it is). Don't forget the MOT is very subjective. It depends on what that MOTer thinks on the day.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Fixed !!!!!!!!

Just for info in case anyone else has a similar problem..........
Couldn't get a replacement so bought the front seat belt assembly from a hijet van on ebay for 99p, carefully dismantled the assembly and removed the belt, which was in good condition. This is easy to do once you've pulled it all the way out from the spool, there is a simple bar through a loop in the end of the belt that retains it in a slot through the spool. Took this out and fitted the belt clip and upper restraining bracket from my original assembly, straightened out the floor restraining mount and fitted the hijet belt into the Fourtrak belt housing. An hours work and cost of 99 pence (plus postage), resulting in an immediate MOT pass !!!.

can you do a similar thing wi

can you do a similar thing with a frosties packet and some double sided tape? hey presto you have a pair of leaf springs LOL!

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