I now have some driving lamps fitted, but they need to come on with the main beam ...


hi all, further to me having crap headlights, i have now fitted some "driving lamps", at the moment they are wired directly to the battery through a switch, I do appreciate they should go through a relay but i couldnt, truthfully understand the wiring instructions (LOL), of course they should only be able to come on when main beam is switched on,

So my question is this, how can i easily connect the driving lights up to the main beam, i can then remove the driving lamp switch completely.

i have looked through the manual but cant find the colour of the main beam wires, i was hoping?, maybe foolishly, that i could splice into the wire that goes to the main beam side of the headlamp bulb, or is that too easy, there doesnt seem to much of the wire visible it seems to be hidden in the wiring harness !.

any suggestions please.


thanks pal

as i first thought this IS NOT going to be as easy as i first thought LOL. thanks for the links, i'm not on my own with this one obviously.