F50 Will F75 axles fit my F50 pick up?


I have an F50, or it may be an F55, it is the pick up version. I would like to fit F75 axles, has anyone done this conversion? or does anyone know if they will bolt straight on?

They definatly will not fit s

They definatly will not fit straight on. The F70 series axles are a good 4" lomger than the F50 etc's on the front. And about 3" longer on the back. Also F55/25 rear axles are spring over axle mounted. I don't know if pick up F7?'s are the same, but F70/70/80/85 are not.
But of course a grinder and a welder could persuad them to go on. Would need narrow wheels / wheel arch extensions once the convert was done to keep it legal.

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