My Rocky

Hi everybody...

wanna tell u bout my story with my rocky...he is the best pal i have ever had..

When my city got flooded...i am ok with my rocky..while the other cars are off..

When i had a traffic jam...bad one out of town...i managed to ride on the countryside and passed through the bad traffic..

When my wheel slipped into a big hole...i can manage without necessary helping hands...

My rocky always accompanied me everyday...anywhere...without no worries...

And i am just a mom of 2 boys :)...

But now i have to let go of my rocky... Sad

What am i gonna do without my rocky??

By me,



my Coure SPort + K3-vet

Coure Sport K3-VET

hi all ..
im driving Coure.
but converted to YRV engine k3-vet ..
damn powerfull ..
anyone here know to modi the engine .??

Coure Sport K3-VET