Recently bought a Landrover fitted with a Fourtrak 2.8 diesel engine



First post...previously a petrol head.

I recently bought a Landrover fitted with a 1986 Fourtrak NA diesel engine. I have a few questions. Some trying to determine its pedigree and other for a little advice.

It was an ebay purchase. It appears that the person that I bought it off only had it for a few days - passed it on making a nice profit. He probably knows anything about it and having contacted the previous owners, those responsible for the engine transplant, they have little information to add.

I have the V5 documents for the scrapped Fourtrak. It describes it as a Fourtrak SWB hard-top light 4x4 utility. 2765cc heavy oil. It is 1986. Both Landrover and donor have done approximately 86,000 miles.

Am I right in saying that this would be a Fourtrak F70?

When I got it home, I checked a few things.

It needed over 2l of oil to get it near the H mark on the dipstick. What is the oil capacity between low/high on the dip stick? I am a little worried that either its an oil burner or it was not well looked after.

When it starts up from cold it blows a little (apparently blue) smoke then settles down and appears smokeless. Not being a previous diesel owner, is this acceptable behaviour or anything to worry about? I am currently running STP diesel engine treatment in the diesel tank.

Being unsure of its service history, other than it was last serviced in July, I am looking for clues as to the state of the timing/cam chain/belt or whatever this engine uses. What is the replacement interval for chain/belt in this engine. If it fails, is it catastrophic? How easy is it to change?

Other than oil/filter changes, are there any other parts to this engine that would require a regular 'tinker'. The injector unit (well I think it is) seems to have never been adjusted since there are still paint seals on what looks to be adjustment screws. What about tappets - I assume that diesels have tappets!

Apologies for some of these questions, but when I have confirmed the donor vehicles pedigree, I will get a service manual.


A bit of blueish smoke on sta

A bit of blueish smoke on start up is normal for a long as it clears fairly quickly you should be fine.

Change the oil religiously every 3000 miles..this is Daihatsu's recommended interval.

Leave the adjustment screws well alone if the engine is running fine.

If the lump is of 86 vintage it will have chain driven can confirm this by looking at the timing chain should be aluminium. Never heard of a chain snapping etc on a Fourtrack lump..

These engines are bomb proof if regularly serviced...200,000 miles is common.

the beauty of diesels is the

the beauty of diesels is the simplicity of servicing, 1 change engine oil and filter, 2 replace air filter element, 3 change the fuel filter, thats it there is nothing else to adjust or clean unless u get a cold start problem then its time to replace the glow plugs. provided the starter and battery are ok it will start and run all day every day. provided u use clean fuel and keep an eye on the temp gauge, dont let a small water leak cook the head gasket. oh yes broken cam belts are usually terminal, pistons hit valves, usually cheaper to find another engine.

Just found how to identify th

Just found how to identify the model code from the VIN and can confirm its an F70.

Landrover 110 with F70 Daihatsu 2.8 diesel engine

Landrover 110 with Daihatsu 2.8 diesel engine

I belive the engine number sh

I belive the engine number should start with DL50, DL51, or DL52. This is the engine model. There all basicly the same but there are minour veriations. I'm a little foggy on which variatios go with which model, but see which it is and someone will probably tell you all you need to know.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.