Rocky/fourtrak suspension harsh


Hi all,
the rear suspension on my 1986 2 litre 3Y petrol F70 Rocky is really bumpy. Is this likely to be the leaf springs (or bushes) or more likely the shock absorbers? Back end feels almost solid over pot holes etc.

Also is it ok to use low ratio gearbox in 2wd. If it is it would be handy - as I,ve got two ton of horse trailer to tow and some of the hills round here (Dorset) are steep. The 2 litre motor seems a bit overwhelmed by the load. Handy to have some emergency gears.............!Probably going to have to move up to a 2.8 td if not.
Cheers, Griff Wink

Not sure you can select 2wd

Thats what I meant-with the manual free wheeling hubs disengaged.Drop it into low ratio at the bottom of any big hills and effectively be in a crawling gear with plenty of ooomph,if slow!

The using low range with the

The using low range with the locking hubs 'out' to acheive 2wd low wont hert it at all. Though don't give it too much large, as there will be a lot of torque on one axle, with no assitence from the other.
As for the ride, it sounds like you have got really good springs and dampers. If you don't do much towing or carrying heavy loads you can make the ride softer, with a slight loss of stability. Heat up the bottom leaf and drive wooden wedges in between it and the one above. Bend it down to leave a gap of about an inch at the ends. This basicly turns the last leaf into an assister spring, only comming into play when a load is placed in the back. To go a satage further you can use an angle grinder to cut this leaf out compleatly without unbolting the axle and removing the leaf from the pack.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.


Hi, I had the same problem with my rear suspension that turned out to be worn rear dampers that were seized up thus stopping the suspension from travelling. I now have vauxhall carlton rear dampers on both the front and back.

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