Converting Sportrak ELXI to a PickUp


Help Hello All, New to Forum. I have 2 Daihatsus, cutting long story short, had blue one but chassis bad and needs welding among other things but bodywork mint, bought a grey one with engine problems. so i am putting blue engine in grey sportrak = perfect sportrak. then i will fix the engine from grey one and as there is already a lot of work to be done on the blue one i was thinking of customising it. My ideas: remove rear roof, rear window, rear interior. Fix new bulkhead directly behind seats, build box over wheels either side, with ssome custom bars, stainless cheqeur plate, etc turn it into a utility behicle adding winches, front/rear towbar and lights etc. Any thoughts ideas? I would also like to make it sit a bit higher, the rear springs are gone - i have some new std replacements but could keep these as a spare for my grey one.. look forward to hearing from you all!!!