boy racer sportak


has anyone on here done this? lowered one? or fitted a super-loud exhaust big enough to put your leg in? how about a body skirt? does anyone have any pictures of any they could email me i'd like to see how it looks before i give it a go. ive given up off roading cause its too expensivve for students

boy racer sportrak

Dont bother pal, it just wouldn't look right. With this kind of 4x4 the only way is monster truck. Its the wrong type of car to use as a base. Being a student myself I know the financial problems too well. Try a Charade turbo or something small and cool if you want the 'boy racer' look.

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Na, don't bother... Take it s

Na, don't bother... Take it somewhere muddy and get it plastered in crap. Then don't wash it. It'll look miles better.

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Boy Racer

A case suitable for treatment, you can get help for this. These trucks were built as puddle jumpers,mud pluggers,working trucks. Never would I wish to see a lowered 4x4, see the light. You do not have to offroad her,make a nice truck out of her,she'll love you for it.

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cheers for the opinions guys

cheers for the opinions guys even though i disagree. ive decided giving up off roading is a stupid idea anyway after seeing someones monster truck in town the other week, just gunna get a dedicated off roader and a trrailer so i can save on mot's and tax and insurance and stuff.

Good man. You can have more

Good man. You can have more fun that way. No worries of how to get home if you break it. And use scafold to make a solid roll cage & the frot into a battering ram, and you don't need to worry about getting hung up on trees or rolling it either. In fact rolling is fun!

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it will look stupid! what is

it will look stupid! what is it with kids wanting to make vehicals look like the 60's bat mobile!

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Try this!!

If you really want that kind of look I sujest you buy a Nova or a Saxo and crash it through your nearest Halfords window.

Do the decent thing and take up mudplugging its more fun than driving around and around the town with the stereo at an ear bleeding volume.