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Hello,I recently purchased a 1996 pickup to replace my old Honda Romahome.My problem is a noisy top end.I am getting a "loose tappet" sort of noise but all attempts to quieten this have failed.My local dealer says these engines are a nightmare and suggested if the engine ever fails to throw it away! I have tried Lombardini(who make the engine)but they just refer me back.Apart from the tappet noise it is a nice little engine but it is an unusual design and did not last long and has now been replaced.The engine is widely used as an industrial/boat engine so it can't be all bad.I did wonder if the tap might be coming from the cam operated injectors? information on this engine is non existant HELP any experts out there?

Hi-Jets, which are actually b

Hi-Jets, which are actually built in Italy by Piaggio, used this little locally sourced Italian lump, to increase appeal and it was not a great success in doing so. Lombardini have a big market in industrial applications but their expertise however, did not extend to roadgoing engine so this was a bit of a lash-up - noisey and wholly unsuited to a van.

If you intend keeping it, it may be an idea to find a petrol engine as it will drop straight in with little fuss and save all the aggro, because as you say engines like this are very hard to get info about. Or you could try a search for industrial engines and spares suppliers - they may know specialist rebuilders and the like who may be able to help.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

diesel to petrol conversion

Hello again,I have just about given up with the diesel due to lack of information and very expensive spares(even secondhand).Has anyone done the conversion and would I need the gearbox/propshaft as well? Obviously the exhaust and ancillaries will be needed.Any info would be appreciated Anyone got the parts required?(sorry I don't have the room for a complete vehicle)