tyre wear


both my front tyres on my 89 rocky are starting to show wear on the outside of both tyres! the rears are not! these are new tyres and i dont want to change them again any time soon!

would this just be the tracking or will the tyre pressure have anything to do with this? could the breaks even effect the wear? going to have the tracking checked end of the week, but need to sort this before the wear is to much, and there is no turning back for said new tyres!

thanks all!

Tyre wear

Hi Jon

Have you got the correct size tyres fitted and correct pressures?

If your tracking is out your front tyres will wear in a series of ridges across the tread blocks, sloping down to the outside if your wheels are toeing in & sloping down to the inside if your wheels are toeing out. If your tyres are worn smoothly, sloping across the tread it may be your hub swivel bearings or wheel bearings but its unlikely you'll have bearings worn the same amount each side.

If your bearings all feel ok then we now get to the standard mechanics "cop-out" answers ( for when they can't find anything physically wrong with the vehicle). Anything to get the customer out of the door so he can finish his cup of tea.
(1) It could just be a symptom of town driving and excessive reliance on the power steering when turning at stand still, scrubbing the edge of the tyres ( which was a recognise problem on vehicles with axles originally designed without power steering on early models, that then on later models had power steering)
(2) It's the tyres you've got fitted, that make of tyre (whatever they may be) don't like these cars.

If you do find the tracking is out or bearings worn then i'd suggest swapping tyres front to back. If you can't find anything wrong with the car then have the front tyres turned round on the wheels to give them some more life.

hope this helps and hasn't been to long winded and sent you to sleep

hi mate no thanks for that

hi mate

no thanks for that!

i had the tracking checked and it was normal, i am getting a second opinion today! also getting the camber checked, not that this can be adjusted but it looks to the eye, that its out!

dont think its the tyres as spoke to a fourtrak guy and he said the tyres are ok for this truck, pressures are just under 30, and they dont look like they bludge abnormally!
if it is a mechanical problem cant think of anything but the tracking! i am going to double check all the linkages etc but i have replaced one cv joint (drivers side) and the bearings and swivel hub are good, to my eye.
hope it is the tracking as its easy to sort, see what you mean about the power steering and how that could effect wear.
i will defo swap the tyres front to back if it is that, as the back are parallel, so before the wear is excessive this will defo help!

thanks for your time

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!