Hello...I am from Indonesia


My name is Rico, from Jakarta - Indonesia. I'm using a 1995 Daihatsu Taft F70, we call Taft for the Fourtrak. I just wanna know does in England the Fourtrak is still produce? Because here the Taft is very expensive, the Daihatsu sell it for $30.000 (made by order). I'm sorry for my bad english language. Thank you very much.


Sorry, no new ones in England any more.

I did not know that Daihatsu will make you a Taft/Fourtrak to special order. In England we look for second hand (used) vehicles that people want to sell. This is a problem because it is difficult to tell if the vehicle has been looked after properly by the prevoius owner.

We all know that Taft/fourtraks are great vehicles and it is good to see that you want another one to use in Indonesia. Unfortunately, it is a pity that Daihatsu do not want to make more of them.

The problem is Toyota now own

The problem is Toyota now own Daihatsu, and they don't want the compatition for there 'o so wonderful' Land Crusifier.

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Huge with a dodgy cylinder head.

Don't you mean 'oh so HUGE' (and heavy) landcruiser.

Yes, I looked at them when I was looking for a non-landrover 4wd back in '97.

When I realised that they barely did 20 mpg, even with a diesel engine, I said 'no way'.

What's even worse, they have an aluminium cylinder head on a straight six engine. If you do the sums, bearing in mind that the difference in expansion coeffiecients of aluminium and cast steel is about 10 ppm/degC, then you soon find out that the head grows in length by about 0.5 mm more than the block, as the engine warms up! Recipe for blowing head gaskets or what !

Oohh...the Fourtrak stopped....

Yeah, it means Taft only continue to produce here in Indonesia. Me and a lot of Taft users make a club call Taft Diesel Indonesia. We share a lot of information about Taft & Rocky (the one with the high roof). The engine version we have here is only the 2.8 Diesel Naturally Aspirated, but a lot of my friends change the engine to a 2.8 Turbo Intercooler Diesel. 2nd hand engine of course. It was so difficult to find a good 2nd hand Taft & Rocky here, mostly they all use by mining or forestry company and they perform well here. Stronger than any 4wd in its class and two thumbs up for the durability.