Poor running Fourtrak


I have a very poor running problem with my 2.8 TDX Fourtrak
it has been standing for a couple of months and although the battery had gone flat it now runs very poorly it will start sometimes with a lot of cranking it will rev up no problem them after a couple of minutes it will just fade out if you start it again it will tske some cranking and will do the same again however I have also driven it for over an hour and it hasn't missed a beat after the inital fade out problem! I have replaced the stop solenoid and the diesel filter which seemed very clean I have checked all the connections on the rubber pipes I have also removed the banjo fillting on the input side to the pump and I still seem to have the same problem, I have also bleed it up on no.1 injector to clear the air and it is still the same PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! the next step is a gallon of petrol and a box of matches

Sounds to me like there is st

Sounds to me like there is still air in the fuel system. They can be a real begger to bleed completely. Does it happen more often on cold mornings? If so, Id say rebleed the system at No 1 injector. It's not sucking air in somewhere, like the filter seal??
Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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I have replaced the fuel filter so I would hope that the air isn't getting in there perhaps I will replaced the clips on the fuel line to jubilee clips to make a better seal then bleed the injector thanks for your help!!!!

I was told once that Daihatsu

I was told once that Daihatsu Deisels blead out far better if parked with the nose facing up hill, or failling a hill on inspection ramps.

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I have got it sorted chaps I must of been blind all of that bleeding and head scratching I decided to look at the pipe fittings on the tank and there it was looking at me straight in the face the main feed pipe was leaking-its rusted badley (surprising that it was only in for mot at the end of June I thought it would of been a failure!! and saved me all of this trouble!!!) thus letting in air not just while it was standing but also while I was driving along.
If anyone experiances my symptoms please check the tank end it will save you 2 weeks of evenings trying to sus it out!!!!!:D Biggrin :lol::'( Cray 2 :cry: