save my sportrak from me setting it on fire


my little H plate sportrak is now driving me crazy,

thing starts fine every morning, after about 10 mins driving the thing start to splutter and lose all power (unless youve got you foot stuck to the floor then its sometimes ok). then sometimes it will just stop. restart, and its 100% fine all day.

the thing is using horrid amounts of fuel i worked out its doing about 16 mpg Sad (range rover mpg!).

im blaming the automatic choke. can you get a manual kit for one? if not, how do i know my auto one is working fine?

any ideas would be great and would save me setting fire to it and pushing it over a high cliff.

cheers all

merry christmas


Service history.

When did you service the engine .... plugs, re-new distributor's cap, HT leads, ignition timing, check battery/engine earth to chasis connections, and most likely to correct low mpg ... fit a new air filter.