2" lift to Sportrak


Can anyone tell me what I need and where's the best place to get a 2" suspension lift for my 93 Sportrak.

You can either wind up the st

You can either wind up the stock torsion bar at the front.. or purchase some aftermarket bars. These have a higher spring rate and give more lift than stock ones.
At the rear you will need to have your leaves reset or source some aftermarket ones.
Some new longer travel shocks will also be required.
I am in Australia so brands or places to go would not really help.

Sportrak lift

For the rear springs you could have them reset as mentioned but it doesn't last and the springs will sag eventually.
Replacing the springs with different ones is another option but you might have a headache finding suitable ones, beware of rock hard ride too, aftermarket rears tend to be very stiff 3+1 leaf jobs.
Another option, which is what I'm going for is extended rear shackles.
You need to extend by twice the amount of lift you want e.g. 4 inch longer shackles gives 2 inch of lift.
For the front you can adjust the ride height by 'winding up' the front
torsion beams (again the option I'm going for).

Beware with suspension lifts not to go too high for a couple of reasons.

1. Standard shocks wil not be long enough and run out of downward travel.
2. Lifting too high will result in too much prop shaft deflection causing vibration and accelerated wear and possible premature failure
of u-joints.

Many people regard 2 inches as the maximum lift to avoid problems.


Its just that extending shack

Its just that extending shackles is highly illegal here in AUS! Best to keep it as much within the law as possible.

lift on a sportrak

ive just done a spring over axle conversion on mine it gave me 6"lift on rear had to have a prop spacer made though .and managed to get 4"on front by cuttin lower bump stops and torsion bars off then replaceing front shockers with mondeo v6 suspension legs .then i did a 3"body lift on front down to a 1"at the rear to leval it all out and 33/12.50/15 fit without rubbing and it drives 10 times better than it did