New To The Fourtrak World


Hi To All,
Just bought a 1991 Fourtrak SWB for my son, 1 owner from new 67000 miles with full service history and 1 years MOT. It was a game keepers vehicle so you can imagine the state inside. With the exception of a few scratches outside everything is straight and ok plus its just had two new rear springs fitted for the last mot 3 weeks ago. Two problems I've had are, the gun dogs obviously liked the taste of the 2 front seats and have eaten them. The second being no hot air out of the heater, bit dodgy this time of year. The seat problem has been solved short term with new covers, anyone out there know where I can get replacements or alternatives to fit? The heater problem needed a tadge more. I had hot pipes in and out of the bulkhead to the matrix but still no hot air. After reading on this site the problems involved in removing the matrix I decided after removing half the dash to try clearing the matrix before going any further. Loaded up the system with expensive rad flush no joy. Went down the local hardware shop and got some costic soda, undone the two hoses going into the bulhead and applied the soda in the correct way, left for 20 mins and then flushed out. Result heater working like new saved a lot of swearing and time. Might be worth a try for others if no heater provided the matrix is not damaged.
Great site by those involved many thanks