hi what the likley damage of a cam belt snap on a fourtrak 2.8tdx. am i going to need a new engine anyone know someone who could sort it out, please help lost with out my truck.

I'm not sure at all, but if t

I'm not sure at all, but if the Fourtrack engine is a non-inteferance engine, then you should be fine. I snapped a Volvo 'belt once and as the valves and pistons never meet, it was fine. You shoudl check to find out if it an inteferance engine or not. If not, you should be ok with a new belt.

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Yes the fourtrak engine IS an Interfenence engine!

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cam belt

cant be sure of how much damage but when i bought my 94 tdx and was unsure of age of belt i was told from this site not to drive home just incase it went and i'd be left with a new fourtrak with a knackered engine so i'm afraid u prob have alot of damage to sort out. the lads on here will tell you how 2 find out how much damage and help you get it sorted and back on the road.hope you get it sorted. bill


Hi Maverick

I don't have any experience with Fourtrak cam belts but as it's a pushrod engine they usually just bend the pushrods or at worse break rocker arms. If you take off the Rocker Cover and Rocker Shaft, the tops of all the valves should be at the same height (or all the inlets the same and all the exhausts the same). Take out all the pushrods and roll then along a flat surface to see if they are bent.As i said this is just from general experience with pushrod engines and not specific to the Fourtrak

Hope it helps

does anmy one know if a 2.8td

does anmy one know if a 2.8tdx is an interferance engine or not? thanks for all your help will keep you posted as to the progress of it. it only had a new belt 4 months ago so i think the resaponsibility lies with the garage!!


the garage says it wont garrentee it so i looks like im gonna have to do it myself! where do i start? are the parts (if needed) readily available? how long a job is it likley to be, any advice would be welcome. thanks please excuse the spelling mistakes!!

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Hi Maverick,

Sorry to hear about the cam belt. I had one go on my dl51 in November so I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in terms of the damage that can be done.

If you have had a reasonable amount of wrenching skill the it should not be too difficult to fix the problem.

The first question I would have is why the belt broke in the first place given that it had just only been replaced. When/if you get the timing case cover off the front of the engine make sure that the idler bearing and the tensioner are properly attached. If the idler bearing bolt has not been done up correctly then it may come loose and cause the belt to break. Similarly if the tensioner bearing has not been tightened correctly then it can slip from its position, the belt becomes loose and pistons meet with valves. If you discover any of the above I would be contacting some sort of consumer advocate to hold the garage to account, as they would have been the last to touch this part of the engine.

When my belt went my engine was at idle and I only damaged two push rods significantly and two others were replaced as a precaution. Second hand they were only $12 nz each so that was good. If you were turning higher revs than idle, I would imagine you would have some rather bent push rods and possibly broken rocker arms. I would also be taking the head off to check the condition of the tops of the pistons, and strip the valves to make sure that they are all nice and straight.

If you have any queries email me and I can give you more detail of my experience.



wrond cam belt

just to update you all, i turns out that the garage has fitted the wrong cam belt. they have fitted a narrow one and i looks like it has been off centre on the tensioner which has in turn helped the bearing to go. also looks like the belt has beeen moving side to side grating itself on the guards which are supposed to keep the belt in place!! i think it has bent one of the valves as it will not turn over and i makes a nasty pinging noise!!

whats the garage saying


I assume that the garage have now accepted responsibilty for the damage?






the garage has fixed my jeep it had bent a couple of push rods! so she's back on the road at last