1990 Rocky Transfer Case Seal Replacement


I have a front lower transfer case seal leak. I have obtained a seal and would like a little information on the procedures. I wish I had a repair book, but we all know how hard those are to come by. On the forward dive shaft going to front axle four bolts hook up to the front axle. I would guess that you remove the bolts drop the drive shaft pulling the splines out of the transfer case.
Do I need a special tool to insert the new seal Unknw
Yes I know I should drain the transfer case first.


Repair Manual for Rocky

This site sells repair manual on CD for the US Rocky (Sportrak / Feroza) with free international postage the page is at http://www.daihatsu-drivers.co.uk/?q=node/view/166 However with regards to your main question having a quick flick through the PDF file for the transfer how you said sounds roughly correct. I will have a better look later on and tell you if you need any Special tool but I find you can usually bodge something up to do the job better! Biggrin

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Rocky Info.

Thank You, very much this is the type of information I was looking for.
Raymond L. Skrzycki

Raymond L. Skrzycki

Ray, it is a relatively easy

Ray, it is a relatively easy job. This is how you do it on a 1985 F75. Hopefully, it will be very similar for yours. Drain box, remove 4 prop shaft bolts, Lock hubs, in gear, then 4wd. Get a hammer and punch and straighten the punched in lockring on the nut from the keyway. A 32mm socket on a looong bar is needed to undo the yoke nut. It might help to jack up one side of the car. Once undone, remove nut, washer, and yoke. Undo 4 14mm bolts holding seal housing. Tap seal out of housing. Reinstall new seal. Reinstall everything in reverse order, making sure you use locktite or similar on spline thread and prop shaft bolts, and you punch the lock ring into the keyway. I also use a thread sealant on the 4 x 14 mm bolts that hold the housing onto the case.

Hope this helps

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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