Mira Classic Gearbox Noise


Just wanted to know if anyone has gearbox noise at idle?
I have had my mira classic for 3-4 months now and have noticed at idle after the car is at full operating temp, the gearbox sounds like the main shaft bearing is worn, because if you press the clutch in the noise disappears! I actually work at a Daihatsu garage and have put all the correct oils in the gearbox, transfer box, engine and rear axle to see if this could help. It has made the rear axle a lot more quiet, but the slight rattle noise at idle is still there from the gearbox!!
The reason i am asking is that i would like to know if others who have one of these fantasic little cars have this noise, and if its normal? I do not want to get the box out, strip it, fit new bearings etc, just to find its the same. Also i am going to be increasing the horse power by around 45 extra bhp, inc induction kit and nitrous oxide and i do not want the box going bang down the drag strip!!!
Any help will be greatly welcomed!!

Gearbox noise

Hey dude, I am getting the same problem with my Mira(FWD), it shoulds like some bearing is having some big time chronic problems. My brother was saying it maybe is the thrust bearing.

The sound comes in when you decelerate, and feels like the gearbox is going to explode.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Go Mira PWR

Go Mira PWR

Mira clutch noise

My car was making this 'tinkling' noise at idle when i bought it @ 18K miles ... mechanic said it was the clutch Bearing that was noisy ... not urgent ... 11000 miles later, same level of noise so OK at the mo !
I plan to have the clutch kit changed when the cambelt is due ... which reminds me ... does anyone have any informed recommendations re cambelt intervals on the Avanzato / Classic 660 engines???

Officially if it's not had it

Officially if it's not had it done by now, you should get it done because of age, mine's only got 34K on it but the car is approaching 10 years of age so I'm getting it done next service. Better safe than sorry!

I hear the clutch change is an absolute pain on the Mira though, if I recall it's an engine out job!! Make it count! The Exedy one is meant to be pretty good but there's some sports ones out in Japan but I've not been able to identify if they're OK for the 4WD or the 3 cyl engine. I think the clutch for the Avanzato and the Mira Classic is the same, just with a different bearing or something? But I don't know if 2WD and 4WD use the same sort of clutch. I'm 80% sure they do. Can't get a straight answer.

Exedy one: http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m6b81s1759p1253