How much is it worth???


Has anyone got any idea how much I should sell my 2.8 tdx Fourtrak for?????? its 1992(k),107k,mot till June 04,6 months tax,never had any welding,7 seats,bull bar,new tyres on the front,very very clean inside and no rust outside,the only thing wrong with it is that the lacqer has started to peel off on the bonnet and a bit on the side,I have just had the radiator reconed apart from the rad which was only a minor problem this truck has never let me down and im sure it has got years left in it yet!!!


I guess we just don't know why you want to sell!

Hi Darren, I,m not an expert

Hi Darren, I'm not an expert but it must be worth between £1800 & £2500 despite it's peeling laquer. 107K is nothing on those engines and it is well T&T'd. Buy an Autotrader and compare prices mate. This will give you a good idea of the sort of prices you should be commanding. Good luck!

Darren go to

Darren go to
Do a national search for your prices to those that are for sale..that will give you a very good idea of its worth...if I had the cash I would buy it believe me.